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October 2011.

Small Salon, RijekaFriday, 7.10.2011. - 10.11.2011.

Opening On Friday, 7 October 2011. in 19 hours
Vojo's finissage of Thursday, the 10th November 2011. in 19:00
The exhibition is open until 12 November 2011., daily, except Sundays, from 10 to 13 and 17-20 hours

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September 2011.

Peek&Poke, RijekaThursday, 22.9.2011. 20:00

Exhibition "Chaotic Tetris", Vladimir Biga (Zagreb)
Vladimir Biga tailors its diverse artistic expression of the last 10 years working in the media of computer graphics, and in the realm of conceptual art.

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Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rijeka, RijekaThursday, 22.9.2011. 19:00 - 3.11.2011. 20:00

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, in cooperation with the Modern Gallery in Zagreb, is organizing an exhibition which will present works from the extensive holdings of both museums - 'Munich Circle, a group of Three, the Earth'. Works can be seen from 22 September to 3 November

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June 2011.

Port, RijekaSaturday, 4.6.2011. 19:00 - 18.6.2011. 21:00

Activist art exhibition from the Marinko Sudac Collection aboard Marshall Tito's ship "Seagull" . The material for the exhibition was taken from the Marinko Sudac Collection, the fast growing and the largest collection of historical avant-garde, neo avant-garde and post avant-garde movements and artistic expressions in the region and beyond. The collection today includes around twenty thousand units, works of art, documents and publications. It covers the period from 1909 to 1989 and the area from the Baltic to the Black Sea, with special emphasis on the region of former Yugoslavia, while the furthest end of the collection reaches as far as Japan. The exhibition will also include the documentation on Galeb’s intriguing history. The exhibition is open until 18th of June, every day 11:00 - 21:00.

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May 2011.

RijekaThursday, 5.5.2011. - 26.5.2011.

Exhibition Opening 5th of May at 18.00 - Conservation Department, 20.00 - Trsat Castle, 6th of May at 20.00 - Gallery Palach
The exhibition runs until May 26
Biennale mosaic project by association presents 60 authors from all over the Croatian. Promoting unknown artists and students of the Academy of Fine Arts will display their achievements, inspiration and artistic reflection in mosaic at 3 locations in the city.The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the PG County.

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April 2011.

Small Salon, RijekaTuesday, 19.4.2011. 19:00 - 12.5.2011.

Klas Grdić was born in 1963. in Rijeka. He graduated in 1988. on Rijeka Faculty of Education, study of art, sculpture department, under Professor Joseph Diminić. He's been exhibited since 1986. and's organized two dozen solo exhibitions, and participated in over one hundred group exhibitions at home and abroad. He has won numerous awards.

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March 2011.

RijekaThursday, 10.3.2011. 20:30 - 6.4.2011.

The exhibition features poem-objects, artist’s books, poetic agitations, poetry-actions and slogans along with drawings through which Vlado Martek’s poetry unfolds.
In cooperation with Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb.
Galerija SIZ - Drugo More, Delta 5, Rijeka
Curated by: Branka Stipančić

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October 2009.

RijekaThursday, 1.10.2009. 20:00

Poto exhibition of talented artist Gea Golovic (Ri) entitled MICRO WORLD will be opened at the Grinch, in Rijeka, Križanićeva street.

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April 2009.

Molekula, RijekaThursday, 30.4.2009. 19:00 - 5.5.2009.

EXHIBITION "THEINTERACTIONS": John Goricki (video): "I," Igor Gržetić (video): "Revolution will be televised," Iva Kovac (digital print): "Reading the posters," Martha Maričić (installation), "Why?" Ana journeyman (video), Vedrana Valencic (digital printing), "Kokacije" Club of friends of animals: Posters.

Organization: Infoshop Škatula, The Artery of Contemporary Art

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Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rijeka, RijekaThursday, 23.4.2009. 19:00 - 18.5.2009.

MILJENKA ŠEPIĆ - Earth, Fire, Water, Air 23. 4. – 18. 5. 2009. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Dolac 1/II, RijekaOpening: thursday, April 23rd 2009. at 19.00 Curator: Milica Đilas
Earth, Fire, Water, and Air is the title of the new, integrated cycle of works by Miljenka Sepic. The cycle is articulated into four clearly delineated parts, each corresponding to one element. Each element, following the traditional Eastern learning, is connected by the author with energy, state, or action. Although elements, parts of a cycle, make separate entities, different visually and in technical execution, only when connected with the others they acquire their full harmony and meaning.
She forms elements according to a program set in advance, by the selection of colours, their relations and symbolic meanings, archetypal forms, and adequate formats of drawing or painting grounds for corresponding techniques and materials, as well as controlled manual procedures in the execution of a particular work.

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