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July 2016.

Delta, RijekaThursday, 14.7.2016. - 28.2.2017.

From 14 of july in Rijeka, Export-drvo warehouse on Delta is hosting the biggest, most authentic southern hemisphere dinosaur exibition.

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December 2012.

HKD Sušak, RijekaMonday, 10.12.2012. 19:00

Photo exhibition Rina Gropuzzo was created as a part of Fashion BUZZar 2012th The photos were taken in December 2012 at a factory in Rio and other destinations in Rijeka industrial heritage.

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November 2012.

Filodramatica, RijekaTuesday, 27.11.2012. - 7.12.2012.

Come to the opening of the photo exhibition "Neka nu me uci... So you don't forget me..." in Rijeka, at the Filodrammatica Gallery, on
Tuesday, Nov. 27 2012 at 7 o'clock in the evening.

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October 2012.

Gallery Kortil, RijekaTuesday, 9.10.2012. - 20.10.2012.

Exhibition of drawings, prints and tapestry contains abundant information about the life and work of Ottavio Missoni and presents him as an artist, designer, former star athlete and businessman.

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September 2012.

Korzo, RijekaWednesday, 19.9.2012.

On the 3rd Dog Review "Woof, woof Rijeka" will choose the nicest dog, the dog with the most talent and the most beautiful puppy. Invited are all dogs, regardless of pedigree possession, and will organize demonstrations of Croatian Association of the searching dog, the Fire Department Opatija. Zumba Opatija will perform presentation of exercises.

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March 2012.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rijeka, RijekaThursday, 29.3.2012. 19:00 - 5.5.2012.

The exhibition titled 'Turn on light, it's dark' opens on Thursday, 29 March, at 19 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, and stays open to 5th of May.

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December 2011.

Toys from the collection of of the The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral
The author of the concept: Tamara Mataija
Presentation of educational booklets and exhibition opening: 13 December 2011

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Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Litoral Rijeka, RijekaWednesday, 7.12.2011. 19:00 - 31.3.2012. 20:00

The exhibition presents the history of goldsmith craft of today Kvarner County, especially in the period from the late 18 the century. Goldsmith's art here clearly has a long tradition, the oldest data mentioned goldsmiths are associated with religious holdings. Geographical location and turbulent political frameworks are strongly influenced by the overall life of the region are reflected in the jewelry business.

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City of Rijeka Museum, RijekaThursday, 1.12.2011. 20:00 - 25.2.2012.

The Museum of the City of Rijeka, on Thursday 1st of December, starting at 20:00 open to visiting the exhibition 'Rijeka in the Hungarian memory - a collection of Csaba Skultety'. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Institute Balassi from Budapest, remains open until 25rh od February.

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November 2011.

The title of the exhibition invokes a foreign US English idiom, that stems from baseball and means suddenly; from an unexpected source or direction. In the same manner, the curatorial concept for this Biennial seeks to evoke this element of surprise but also to allude to political and ideological spheres. Artists represented are guided to mimic the strategy of non-alignment, where, starting from strongest individuality, a possibility of coexistence is established. Artists co-present works in all media in powerful dialogue with performance art.
Curator: Jovana Stokic
Project manager: Ksenija Orelj, MMSU curator

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