MILJENKA ŠEPIĆ  - Earth, Fire, Water, Air

MILJENKA ŠEPIĆ - Earth, Fire, Water, Air

23.4.2009. 19:00 - 18.5.2009.
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rijeka, Rijeka

Earth, Fire, Water, and Air is the title of the new, integrated cycle of works by Miljenka Sepic. The cycle is articulated into four clearly delineated parts, each corresponding to one element. Each element, following the traditional Eastern learning, is connected by the author with energy, state, or action. Although elements, parts of a cycle, make separate entities, different visually and in technical execution, only when connected with the others they acquire their full harmony and meaning.
She forms elements according to a program set in advance, by the selection of colours, their relations and symbolic meanings, archetypal forms, and adequate formats of drawing or painting grounds for corresponding techniques and materials, as well as controlled manual procedures in the execution of a particular work.

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