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August 2017.

VoloskoSaturday, 26.8.2017. - 27.8.2017.

International competition painter Mandrać decades represents the most valuable in art - the very act of creation, accomplished before the eyes of visitors and fellow artists. It is the "ex tempore" painting contest, in which works of art are created "on the spot" and that's why every year the ropes numerous artists and exudes an atmosphere of creativity. The event lasts two days - the first day images of children under 14 years, and one day gather their older colleagues, divided into amateur and professional group. The best works realized prizes, and the whole event concludes interesting concert performance on stage in Voloski port.

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August 2015.

Mandrać, VoloskoSaturday, 29.8.2015. - 30.8.2015.

For the last few decades, the Mandrać international painting competition has been presenting the most valuable aspect of the art – the act of creation, which takes place directly in front of visitors and fellow artists. This is an "ex tempore" painting competition where artworks are created "on the spot" and which every year attracts numerous artists and art lovers to Volosko. The event lasts for two days: the first day is dedicated to children up to the age of 14, and the second day to their older colleagues in amateur and professional categories. The best works win valuable awards, and the event ends with a concert in the small harbour of Volosko

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August 2014.

Mandrać, VoloskoSaturday, 30.8.2014. - 31.8.2014.

This year "Mandrać - Mandracchio" returns to its traditional dates: end of August. Traditional international art event "Mandrać - Mandracchio 2014" will consist of "Small Mandrać", attended by children of 5-15 years of age, and "Mandrać" for adults, where artists compete in two categories, professional and general group.

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April 2014.

Le Mandrac, VoloskoSaturday, 19.4.2014.

On Saturday, 19/04/2014., The day before Easter, come on Volosko, and see about 40 recent works!

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November 2013.

Le Mandrac, VoloskoSaturday, 16.11.2013.

In Le Mandrac in Volosko, on Saturday 11/16/2013. at 20:00, will be opened exhibition of paintings by academic painter Miljenka Šepić named Meadow.

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August 2013.

VoloskoSaturday, 3.8.2013. 20:00

Today, 3.8., Starting at 20 h at the "tirabarca" on mandrać, another traditional auction of Claudio Frank! The feature-length program, except for Claudio who will also play a few compositions, will perform Natalia Mariceva (piano), Esperanza Frank (violin), singer Sabrina Habiri, Slavko Sekulic singer, guitarist Mario Simunovic and visual artist Marta Benazić.

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April 2013.

Mandrać, VoloskoMonday, 1.4.2013.

Exhibition of paintings by Vedran Ruzic 'Silent cats on chimneys' on Easter Monday, the 1st April on 12:00 at Mandrać, in case of rain, at the Kon-Tiki.

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July 2012.

Mandrać, VoloskoSaturday, 28.7.2012. - 29.7.2012.

In Volosko will be held traditional art events Mandrać. Little Mandrać, 28th of July is the day is for the youngest, and on 29th of July is Mandrać for the Big artists.

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April 2012.

VoloskoMonday, 2.4.2012.

Exhibition of artists: Izložba umjetnika: Milijna Babić, Saša Furlan, Gordan Ivica, Saša Jantolek, Mirna Kutleša, Ivo Matošić, Melita Sorola Staničić, Biba Šehović Jelušić, Dražen Vitolović, Darija Žmak Kunić

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September 2011.

Caffe-bar Kon-Tiki, VoloskoFriday, 16.9.2011. - 23.9.2011.

Volosko, Opatija - James Sučić from Volosko, Frane Letiš from Opatija, and Vicko Palmić from Lovran, are three sailors who participated in the famous Austrian expedition to the North Pole in 1872, and just to this forgotten historical figures has been dedicated the exhibition, which is opened in Volosko Kontiki bar.The exhibition is called Quarneroli.

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