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November 2008.

World Christmas Creches is an exhibition organized by International Museum “Childbirth in Betlehem” for the first time in Croatia after Paris, Verona, Lublin, Milan and Ljubljana. It consists 150 Nativity Scenes - from Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Portugal to Africa, Latin America, Korea, China, and Japan.
The largest part of the material is collected by the public competition in which've participated artists from all over the world. Other part of the exhibits came from museums and private collections.

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RijekaThursday, 6.11.2008. - 29.11.2008.

Stephan Lupino is well known to the public for his extensive international career as an inspiring photographer. Apart for his impressive photo career, Lupino was involved in many successful humanitarian projects. Inspiration for his work Lupino finds in everyday life, relationships, sports and nature.
Place: Museum of Rijeka, Museum Sq. 1

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