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March 2014.

Art pavilion "Juraj Šporer", OpatijaMonday, 31.3.2014. 19:00 - 4.4.2014.

On Monday, March 31, 2014, at the Art Pavilion Juraj Sporer in Opatija, starting at 19:00 am, is open a retrospective exhibition of sports photography "The decisive moment of 2009 and 2013."

Organizer best sports photos in the past five years, the Community Sports Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

Photo: Arsen Miletic

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Villa Angiolina, OpatijaThursday, 20.3.2014. 18:00

On Thursday, the 20th March at 18h, in a villa Angiolini will be held monography promotion "Branka Marčeta" by Natasha Šegota Lah and Vladimir Gudac.

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Villa Angiolina, OpatijaFriday, 14.3.2014. 10:00

On Friday, the 14th March at 10:00 in the Croatian Museum of Tourism, at the Villa Angiolina, Opatija school children, "Rikard Katalinić Jeretov" from Opatija will open a new museum project: Touristic bonton.

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Villa Angiolina, OpatijaThursday, 6.3.2014. - 25.5.2014.

Croatian Museum of Tourism in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Ethnographic Museum Zagreb in Villa Angiolina in Opatija presents the exhibition "Croatian intangible cultural heritage on UNESCO's list."

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Art pavilion "Juraj Šporer", OpatijaTuesday, 4.3.2014. - 23.3.2014.

The exhibition and presentation of the monograph of Branka Marceta in the art pavilion Juraj Sporer

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February 2014.

Art pavilion "Juraj Šporer", OpatijaSaturday, 15.2.2014. - 22.2.2014.

Fifth International Festival of Art PUST
According to the idea by Sasa Jantolek Art Pust, is the artistic carnival dummy, , the unique doll inspired by the folk traditions. Art pust interprets traditional carnival dummy..

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January 2014.

Exhibition of Sasa Jantolek "Liburnian pust" will open on Friday, 24 January 2014 at 18 h in " Art pavilion Juraj Sporer "in Opatija. This is an exhibition of photographs of Pust (carnival dummies) from Kastav to Moscenicka Draga.

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OpatijaWednesday, 22.1.2014. - 13.2.2014.

On Wednesday January 22 2014 at 18 o'clock in Caffe Bar TIK-TAK in Opatija, is opening of exhibition: paintings of Opatija painter Nada Popovic Golob.

The exhibition will be open until 13 February 2014

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KastavFriday, 17.1.2014. 18:00 - 31.1.2014.

Exhibition of award-winning photographer from Rijeka Arsen Miletic "One day with Halubje ringers"

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December 2013.

Villa Angiolina, OpatijaThursday, 12.12.2013. 19:00 - 19.1.2014.

Kuzma Kovacic first time has a solo exhibition at the Opatija-Rijeka area. He was born in 1952 in Hvar. Kuzma Kovacic graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1976. He is a professor of sculpture at the Art Academy in Split.

The exhibition will be open to 10 January of 2014.

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