Touristic bonton

Touristic bonton

Friday, 14.3.2014. 10:00
Villa Angiolina, Opatija

On Friday, the 14th March at 10:00 in the Croatian Museum of Tourism, at the Villa Angiolina, Opatija school children, "Rikard Katalinić Jeretov" from Opatija will open a new museum project: Touristic bonton.

We are talking about the game (interactive spatial installation) for children in which they solve a quiz about the behavior of tourists and hosts, and in the workshop will on the wall of the museum will be able to type their ideas.

The authors of the project are: Katarina Mažuran Jurešić (idea and text), Bob Zivkovic (illustration)Marko Rasic and Vedrana Vrabec (shaping the game and exhibition), Vedran Kolac (programming and development of the game).

The project will be permanently placed in the Croatian Museum of Tourism, and the game can be played in English. It is envisaged the participation of children from other communities, the traveling exhibition-workshop that will fit into the project and various other interactive elements.

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