GOLDEN OPATIJA - Celebration of 170 years of tourism

GOLDEN OPATIJA - Celebration of 170 years of tourism

19.7.2014. - 21.7.2014.

OPATIJA - IMPERIAL CITY, Musical and theatrical spectacle, July 19th 21:30
The Lumiere brothers, who used to film in Opatija; Isadora Duncan, who danced inspired by the fluttering of palm leaves in the breeze; the Empress Sissi, who officially never visited Opatija, but used to hide here in a villa in the company of a lover – all of them, and many other famous people from the history of this town, come back to life in mid-July during the Imperial Town festival, which combines music and theatre at various locations, transforming Opatija into one big stage for a fantastic spectacle with thousands of visitors.

Villa Angiolina, 21:30 The story of the birth of Golden Opatija

Villa Amalia, 21:40 Opatija – the inspiration of great stars

Open Air Theatre, 21:30 – 22:45 Cinema as it used to be

Open Air Theatre, 21:30 – 22:45 Live marionettes or "hold all the reins in your hands for once in your life"

Lido Beach, 21:30 – 22:45 Peacock feather fencing or how women choose men

Wall of Fame, 21:30 Taking photographs or "unforgettable memories"

Remisens Hotel Kvarner, 21:30 – 22:45 Vienna dance school for ladies and gentlemen

Girl with the Seagull, 21:30 – 22:45 Dance of passionate eternal love

Slatina Beach, 23:00 Gala event with magnificent music, dance and fireworks in honour of the arrival of Emperor Franz Joseph I.

RETROPATIJA, Musical and theatrical spectacle, July 20th 18:30
Retropatija brings us back to the 60`s, 70`s and 80`s. Contrary to 'Opatija-Imperial City', the idea is to remind our guests of the laid-back atmosphere of the period. In the park behind Villa Angiolina one can see oldtimer cars while the music is playing from their radios; the dancers dressed in suits of that time are dancing, drinking popular drinks of that day, eating toast and chewing first bubble gums. In front of Villa Amalia is a beach party, guys with guitars and pretty girl in bikinis. The main event is Ivo Robic`s concert on the terrace of Kvarner Hotel, as indeed once was. The biggest disco ball is set on the Open Air Theatre as a symbol of that time in Opatija. The party is going to last throughout the night and finish with the greatest hit of the band performing the next day - Kool & The Gang.

Beach beneath Villa Amalia, 18:30 – 23:00 Be hippy, be happy or the free 70s

Lido Beach 1, 20:30 – 23:00 Rock'n'Roll or the Swinging 60s

Lido Beach 2, 20:30 – 23:00 Rock Nostalgia

Villa Angiolina, Park, 18:30 Pinballs as they used to be

Remisens Hotel Kvarner, 22:00 Mr. Morgen, the greatest hits of Ivo Robić

Open Air Theatre, 23:00 – 3:00 The biggest disco ball, the biggest disco party from the crazy 80s

Concert: KOOL & THE GANG "Everyone to the Disco!" , July 21st, 21:30, Slatina beach
Kool & The Gang are an American jazz, soul, R'n'B, funk and disco band. They have sold over 70 million albums worldwide and influenced the music of three generations. Thanks to the numerous hits like Celebration, Cherish, Jungle Boogie, Joanna, Get Down On It, Ladies Night, Open Sesame, they have earned many world music awards, including two Grammy Awards. Kool & The Gang has been performing for the past 35 years, longer than any R’n’B group in history. That should be a good enough reason for you to come to the disco beach in Opatija!

Free entrance!

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