Mythical world of ancient Slavs

Mythical world of ancient Slavs

Saturday, 21.9.2013. 10:00

Expert guidance / experience of nature and history / museum collection / source of drinking water / picnic / telling stories in a village

Area Trebišće - Perun - the first Slavs have chosen to stage their most sacred beliefs, where the ancient mythical events
amongst god Perun and god Veles, in which rested the cycle of life and the natural changes is vital for human survival. Recent
Scientific research has supported the hunch that these slopes of Učka were sacred to the first Slavic settlers.
If you go to this mythical - historic trail, you will discover who are really Slavs, where they came from and what were their beliefs and mythology.

21/09/2013. 10 h
departure / start INFO POINT M.Draga

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