3.9.2011. 17:00 - 20:00

GROBNIK AUTO TRACK DAY - SATURDAY 03.09.2011. in time from 17 to 20h -
Powered by RSR Motorsport

OPEN PIT LINE principle for all cars. In translation, drove down with
your car, fill out the application, pay the registration fee and
freely drive on the track. Depending on the registration fee, you can
use the track for 1/4h, 1h, 2h or 3h. At the time you choose, you have
unlimited number of times to get in and out on the track.

As always, at the Grobnik Auto Track Day we will have the official lap
timing of your laps. Access is allowed to all technically correct
cars, regardless of the power or model of the cars, and without noise

Safety - driver and front passenger are required to pay the insurance
(6€/day). Helmets required! If you do not have a helmet, you can rent
it from us.

The gas station and tire service will be open.

Prices of the Open Pit Line powered by RSR Motorsport
• 1/4h 30€
• 1h 70€
• 2h 90€
• 3h 110€
2nd driver 15€
Price includes the driver's insurance
*insurance of each passenger is 6€/day

For applications and inquiries send mail to

For all our visitors we’ve prepared Clio Sport for TAXI Drive. Relax
and enjoy in a RECARO seat of our taxi vehicles, and feel the
adrenaline of the circuit.

All those who are unable to race with its own car, we have the option
of renting a car prepared for the track, so we're offering you Punto
Cup and Clio Cup specially prepared for the course.

Taxi Drive 20€/3 laps
Punto Cup 80€/20min
Clio Cup 225€/20min

* Vehicles with prominent advertising in collision to Grobnik Track
Day sponsors, shall pay the entry fee 200€.

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