Glow with Virgin Helena

Glow with Virgin Helena

31.7.2015. 23:00 - 1.8.2015. 06:00
Hemingway lounge bar , Opatija

Line up:

Mr. Woox
/ Balkan Kolektiv, We Grow Wax

Nino Bellen

Virgin Helena
/ Flavorite music, Abracadabra records, Primary records

+ Smirnoff promo party

Free Entrance!

Start: 23:00
End: 06:00

Virgin Helena /Rijeka/Croatia

(Kostrena Beach Splash, Flavorite Music, Abracadabra, Primary)

Virgin Helena is not your ordinary DJ.
Either behind the turntables, or just attending the party, she is always the center of attention.
She started performing as a DJ in 1993., being the first female DJ in Croatia, playing at all major clubs and events, and holding a three year residency at the legendary "Quorum Colours" in Opatija - Croatia.

In 1997. she moved to Vienna and it was because of her unique style – perfect mixing technique and musical taste, that she established herself rapidly in the international underground party scene playing alongside almost everybody of the most wanted in the scene.

Helena loves working with harmonic structures, using pieces of music to tell a story, generating and reflecting ever changing moods.
Her sets are hypnotic and powerful, while her music taste has always been versatile, from deep and tech house to razor sharp techno beats flavored with break beat.

She was also part of the E-JAM project, performing together with some of the finest jazz musicians on many jazz events, like the Jazz Festival in Wiesen, and Ars Electronica in Linz, where she performed with musicians like Mark Whitecage (sax, klarinette,electronics), Armin Pokorn (guitar), Joe Gallivan (drums), Ramesh Shotham (percussions), George Butrumlis (accordion), Elton Dean (sax), and many more.

Other projects like collaborations with VJs, or being activly involved with fashion shows (as well as a Dj as a model) were part of her daily routine.

She had collaborations with Puma, Diesel, Siemens promotional events in Vienna (where she performed alongside Kosheen and Raimond), and was also the face and sound of Pink Pommery in Austria.
Helena also performed on many events and exhibitions in Austria, like AirWorks – art for a day in Linz, or Scalaria – „The event resort“ (St.Wolfgang) with Drumatical Theatre and great visuals by Benno Klandt and HONDA Event in Salzburg Amadeus Terminal where she performed after Kim Wilde, to name a few.

During 2013 and 2014 she was collaborating with Drumatical Theatre – International Percussion Performance and with the Club Wildstyle & The Modern Primitives @ 2013. Tour, as well as the upcoming 2014. Club Wildstyle Tour and Wildstyle Soundtrack CD release.
Check out the ClubWildstyle trailer:

Currently, collaborating with KBS (Kostrena Beach Splash) venues in Rijeka, Croatia, and beside music, Helena is working on her other art projects like painting and making unique Vinyl Wall Clocks from records.

1999., Valentino Kanzyani & Helena "The Porn HeadQuarters" – Our bussiness EP - Primary records.
( The release made it into the DJ charts of Deep Dish (nr.5!), Pete Tong, Judge Jules (radio 1, London), to name a few)

2010., „ Happy Trails“ – Virgin Helena, Lori J Ward, Teo Orlando – FLAVORITE MUSIC

2013., „Ohama“ (Original mix) - Miroslav Krstic & Virgin Helena – Abracadabra Records

2014., „Wildstyle“ – Virgin Helena - WILDSTYLE & TATTOO MUSIC - THE ULTIMATE TATTOO SOUND PT.1

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