Fireworks Festival Opatija 2014

Fireworks Festival Opatija 2014

Saturday, 28.6.2014.

Fireworks leave no one indifferent, colorful light balls tearing the sky gladden our heart like some surreal events. There is something mystical in fireworks, in that colorful ball that suddenly appears in the sky. Connected into rows, various figures and shapes of fireworks may become a unique authorial story of an artist, and the entire story connected with music creates a unique pleasure. Making fireworks may be a skill, but it is also an art – an age-old art that has been developing since the long-gone days of ancient Chinese empires. The greatest masters of this skill and art will gather on pontoons in front of Opatija, in the sea on Saturday, June 28th.


7,00 pm THE RAB MEDIAEVAL CROSSBOWMEN PERFORMANCE, Opatija harbor - Lungomare - Slatina beach

8,30 pm THE RAB KNIGHT'S TOURNAMENT, Slatina beach

9,30 pm ABBA REAL TRIBUTE BAND, Slatina beach

10,15 pm BABY FIREWORKS, Slatina beach

11,30 pm PYROMUSICAL FIREWORKS, Slatina beach

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