Coffee Festival

Coffee Festival

11.4.2015. - 12.4.2015.

Opatija's Coffee Festival presents this popular aromatic beverage in a variety of ways. The best Croatian and European baristas invite visitors to try their secret recipes, and the town's hotels, bars and restaurants have prepared a special offer to mark this event. During the Coffee Festival, guests can sample some of the best coffee brands and sweets made with the beloved beverage, and will have the opportunity to visit exhibitions and concerts or take part in lectures and workshops.

Villa Angiolina
SURROUNDING COFFEE WITH ART, temporary Illy exhibition (11/04 – 10/05)

Saturday, 11/4
10:30 h; 14:00 h – Coffee ABC : recognize the quality: difference Arabica vs Robusta
11:30 h; 15:30 h – Espresso & Cappuccino Art con croissant pairs (local pastry)
12:30 h; 17:30 h - Preparations and transformation methods

Sunday, 12/4
10:30 h -Espresso & Cappuccino Art con croissant pairs (local pastry)
11:30 h - Coffee ABC : recognize the quality: difference Arabica vs Robusta
12:30 h - Preparations and transformation methods

Saturday 11/04 & Sunday 12/4

Choose your superb coffee, coffee cocktail & coffee dessert!

Coffee House Palme - Hotel Bristol
• Latte art
• mignons, cakes, tiramisu

10:00 – 13:00 h
• Julius Meinl Coffee Station
• Coffee Art – children painting workshop
• Live music: Duo Timeless

Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner
• „Sweet Coffee Break“ – one coffee beverage with unlimited selection of desserts, price: 37,00 HRK per person
• Special offer of flavoured alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails based on coffee

14:00 – 17:00
• Face painting for children
Saturday, 14:00 – 17:00
• Live music: Spart Jazz Trio
Sunday, 14:00 – 17:00
• Live music: The Mystic Rose Ensemble

Grand Hotel Adriatic
• Cocktail Espresso Martini
• Cookie Mocha, Cappuccino cake
• Orange & coffee mousse

Coffee House Wagner – Hotel Milenij
Coffee House Continental
• MILANI coffee
• more than 50 different types of coffee preparation
• original coffee from Guatamala, Brasil, Papua, Jamaica. Ethiopia, Puerto Rico...
• Milenij Choco coffee pralines, coffee and chocolate cake

Saturday, 18:30 – 23:00, Coffee House Continental
• Live Music: Mediterraneo
Sunday, 12:00 – 15:00, Hotel Milenij terrace
• Live music: No stress band

Hotel Mozart
• with all coffee types gratis cupcake
• Coffee Cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
• cakes, Mozart cake

Wine bar Stephanie
• flavoured coffee (coconut, orange and caramel)
• cakes and desserts based on coffee
• special discount 20 %

Pastry Kaokakao
• ILLY coffee
• special coffee cakes - Opera (French classic), Cappuccino with cardamom, Éclair with coffee cream

Café bar Mimoza
• Coffee Cocktails and coffee art

Café bar Leonardo
• Cocktails based on flavoured coffee: Bananko, Jaffa, Strawberry, Mint, Raffaelo, Leonardo extra
• special flavoured coffee

Old School Pub
• with every coffee gratis flavoured sparkling water

Café bar Tržnica Opatija
• All types of coffee at special price of 5,00 HRK

Choco bar Kraš
• Special discount 25 % off on coffee cocktails and Harmony chococaffe cake
• Kraš express cocktail for children
• Exclusive cake

Café bar Galija
• special offer of Coffee Cocktails

Restaurant Ružmarin
• Beef Steak „Morčić“ in coffee sauce with courgette (105,00 HRK)
• Creme de la creme - coffee cream (15,00 HRK)

Saturday, 11/4/2015
17:00 – Choir Laura Benizzi (Italy), in front of Villa Angiolina
17:30 – Choir Vokalni Studio Rijeka, in front of Villa Angiolina
20:00 – Choir Santa Cecilia (Italy) and choir Górniczy Chór Męski (Poland), St. Jacob Church

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