CASE 21 @ Opatija

CASE 21 @ Opatija

1.6.2009. - 3.6.2009.

The organisation of the traditional CASE Conference about information systems methods and tools is under way. It is the most important meeting of theoreticians and practitioners, sellers of tools and solutions in the theoretical and practical fields of designing information systems in Croatia.

Designers and users of information systems are still in search for best tools that will help them to get the information system according to their needs. Existing solutions are being continuously spreading and updating. Until today all promises about 'user tools' are still only promises. To use the tool we still need a designer, a software engineer to whom the computer and a CASE tool will make easier some or all phases of the job, but will not do the job instead of him.

On the past the attendance was good. Surveys have shown that the Conference was useful. The Conference proceedings are sought after as a specialized edition and its articles are cited in different publications showing the level of the material published.


Developers Day (01.06.): Methodology of design of information systems (IS) - methods (theoretical concepts, trends, phases of project life, implementation and maintenance, object oriented approach, Re-engineering, BPR…New generation software (modern tools for building IS, RAD (Rapid application Developing tools), prototyping tools, application generators for WEB, new programming languages, XML, JAVA...), CASE - Open CASE, standards for exchange data between CASE systems, presentation of experience with CASE systems and their development, experiences in implementation of CASE system (presentation of information systems developed with CASE systems, maintenance with CASE systems).

Databases, artificial intelligence and Quality Day (02.06.): Databases (object oriented, knowledge or multimedia oriented). Artificial intelligence and expert systems. Data mining. Quality of the SW and IS. Total quality approach.

Internet and e-business Day (03.06.): features and design of systems for e-business (business to business), m-business, information and entertainment, Internet/Intranet/Extranet, security problems.

Conference includes:

- LECTURES - lectures divided in three groups:

- PRESENTATIONS of technologies and solutions offered on the market.

- WORKSHOP - The aim of the workshops is to provide practical presentations of individual solutions, the potential and usage of the cards. Workshops are organised by manufacturers (suppliers) of the most popular card solutions and programs. For those participating in lectures workshops are free of charge.

- SEMINARS - (Monday or Tuesday afternoon) several seminars will be held. Every seminar will last for 4 hours and elaborate a single themerelated to design of information systems. Parallel seminars are organised by eminent experts from University or representatives from solution designers. Each seminar is charged separately.

- EXPOSITION - During the Congress an exposition/presentation of cards, solutions, tools and systems will be organised in side-halls (participants: producers and representatives)

Organization of workshops for the most popular tools or CASE tools presents on our market like: Magic, Clarion or Oracle CASE. This way of presenting tools through workshops is more attractive than classic presentations are. Knowledge about CASE among the audience is growing. The participants are expected to come ready with questions and real-life problems to be placed to the workshop specialists. For all participants of the Conference workshops are free and the number to attend is limited to 50.

Department for Information Society
ICT community Departement

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