Black night was whispering

Black night was whispering

6.4.2013. 19:00 - 28.4.2013.
Gallery Laurus, Lovran

Black night was whispering
Victims of Fascism and Nazism in Istria and Liburnija

Authors of the exhibition: Davor Mandic, Oleg Mandic, Tatjana Matetić, Amir Muzur, Sanja Simper
The design of Exhibition: Miljenko and Maja Licul
The exhibition will be open from 6 to 28 April 2013, daily (9-12 and 16-20)
except Monday.

Municipality of Lovran
High school Eugen Kumičić Opatija
Historical Museum of Istria - Museo Storico dell'Istria
Association of Anti-Fascist Fighters and Anti-Fascists of Opatija
Association of Anti-Fascist Fighters and Anti-Fascists Liburnia

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