Wednesday, 12.10.2016. 20:30
Hotel Kvarner, Opatija

The respect for the sound of their instruments, as well as a shared passion for creating new sounds, brings two musicians together. The cellist Matthias Bartolomey and the violinist and mandola player Klemens Bittmann are leading their instruments out of their deeply rooted classical tradition to new musical pathways. With the spontaneity and improvisation of Jazz, their music includes heavy groove and rock elements as well as intimate ballads and fast uptempo compositions.
“It is rare to hear stringplayers with such devotion to the groove. BartolomeyBittmann are easily getting to the very heart of this musical virtue that one does not usually associate with classical instruments: Unrestrained joy and radical rhythms.”

tickets 10 euro

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T +385 51 210 512

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