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July 2013.

The Open Air Summer Stage, OpatijaSunday, 21.7.2013. 21:00

5th Croatian festival of klapas and mandolins Opatija
Association of Croatian festival of klapas and mandolins organizes the fourth Croatian festival of klapas (a capella bands) and mandolins 2013. The festival will be held Opatija, 21 July 2012.

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June 2013.

OpatijaSaturday, 29.6.2013. - 30.6.2013.

Fireworks Festival 2013 will be marked by a series of events to celebrate the Croatian accession to the European Union.

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May 2013.

OpatijaFriday, 3.5.2013. - 5.5.2013.

21st Festival of wind orchestras "Our world is music"
04.05. 16.00 Concert in the Park Angiolina
05.05. 10.30 P21st Festival of Wind Orchestras "Our world is music"

Participating orchestras: Mori Fúvószenei Egyesület, Mor, Hungary and the host, Lovran Wind Orchestra

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April 2013.

OpatijaTuesday, 16.4.2013. - 21.4.2013.

2nd Festival of independent theaters and theater companies of Croatia is held from 16th to 21st April in Opatija.

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December 2012.

OpatijaFriday, 7.12.2012. - 9.12.2012.

Chocolate Days take place for the 6th year in a row, and all chocolate lovers, regardless of their age, are invited to savour the various chocolate specialities: cakes, pralines, beverages and other delicious treats prepared for you by our chocolate masters!

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September 2012.

Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaSunday, 2.9.2012. 20:00

Charlotte Dellion, Armida (Soprano)
Pauline Texier, Zelmira (Soprano)
Martin Piskorski, Rinaldo (Tenore)
David Tricou, Ubaldo (Tenore)
Konstantinos Klironomos, Clotarco (Tenore)
Marcell Attila Krokovay, Idreno (Baritone)
Gerald Stollwitzer, Director
Michael Fendre, Conductor

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August 2012.

OpatijaFriday, 17.8.2012. - 18.8.2012.

"Liburnicon" 2012, a festival for lovers of science fiction, fantasy, advanced science, history and mythology, organized by the Association for the development of youth culture "Cultural Front" Opatija.

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July 2012.

Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta, OpatijaTuesday, 10.7.2012. - 25.8.2012.

Grand Hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta Opatija hosts Summer Bridge Festival from 25th July to 10th August 2012.

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June 2012.

Slatina, OpatijaThursday, 21.6.2012. - 22.6.2012.

Opatija will be for the third time host of the Fireworks festival, the event which attracted a large audience of lovers of celestial fireworks. Opatija will be for the third time host of the Fireworks festival, the event which attracted a large audience of lovers of celestial fireworks.
21:30 - Lady Luna, Slatina /23:00 - Fireworks: Fireworks Mirnovec (Hr)
FRIDAY 22.06
21:30 - Cover of the Tower, Slatina / 23:00 - Fireworks, Parente (Ita)
Laser Show

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April 2012.

Slatina, OpatijaThursday, 19.4.2012. - 22.4.2012.

Exhibitors, flowers and horticultural cultivators, will gather at the Flower Festival Opatija 2012, which will be held in Opatija Slatina from Friday, 19th to Sunday, 22th of April.

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