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May 2009.

RijekaFriday, 8.5.2009. - 10.5.2009.

Alpe Adria Championship is the most important regional competition including competitors from Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Poland. Competitions will be held on Saturday and Sunday starting at 08:00 am - seven races in the class: 125 SP, 125 GP, Stocksport 600, Supersport, Superbike, Stocksport 1000 and Endurance Race 200 MLS. with 78 circles.
Tickets: 20.00 kn. On the day of the event ticket price will be 40.00 kn (valid for two days).

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RijekaFriday, 1.5.2009. 21:00 - 3.5.2009.

The season of 402 Street Race season begins with the spectacular event in Rijeka on May 2nd and 3rd ! Over 150 competitors and 10,000 spectators, a handful of events, races and surprises!

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March 2009.

KANTRIDA SWIMMING POOL, RijekaSunday, 29.3.2009. 19:00

1B Croatia water polo league - 4th Rounf
Pool Kantrida, Sunday 29.03.2009. at 7.00 pm
Opatija: Delfin (Rovinj)

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January 2009.

RijekaSaturday, 31.1.2009. 16:00

Carnival Snowboard Session in 2009 is on again after the last year's 1st real street competition in Croatia. Rijeka's Nine crew this year's gone into the organization of even greater and better event on the steps of Bonavia.
Date of Carnival Snowboard Session is 31.01.2009., The place is the same, but with the expanded runway.
Afterparty: Balance Crew@Palach

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Dvorana mladosti, RijekaMonday, 26.1.2009.

Rijeka will host The International High Jump Meeting Rijeka 2009 in sport hall Dvorana mladosti. Blanka Vlasic, The famous Croatian high jump athlete and World High Jump champion will compete and open the new season.
Organizor: AC Karner Autotrans /6.1. Indoor Meetings with National Permit

El Rio - After party - band Norne

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December 2008.

KANTRIDA SWIMMING POOL, RijekaThursday, 11.12.2008. - 14.12.2008.

Europe’s swimmers are still showing top performances at the end of the year. On the opening day of the 2008 European Short Course Swimming Championships in Rijeka they set no fewer than ten European records, one was also a World record.
Rijeka (pps) The 2008 European Short Course Swimming Championships in Rijeka set a new record in participating nations. 40 of the altogether 51 member federations of the European Swimming Federation, LEN, were taking part in Rijeka.

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RijekaSaturday, 6.12.2008. - 15.1.2009.

Skating rink "Sea Flake" in Rijeka is open until the January 15th.
Working days: from 9:00 to 14:00 for children groups, from 14:00 to 24:00 for public
Weekend: from 10:00 to 24:00 for public.
Skating&skates 25 HRK, and 15 HRK for those who have ice skates.
For those who have no experience in skating, an opportunity of organised learning has been offered beginning with Monday 22th December.

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