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May 2017.

RijekaWednesday, 3.5.2017. - 19.5.2017.

Rijeka | 03. - 19.05.2017.

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June 2014.

RijekaThursday, 12.6.2014. - 15.6.2014.

In addition to the traditional international race Fiumanka (June 14th), next year its fifth edition will have the Liburnia race, Rotary Race an Virtual Fiumanka.

Like last year Fiumanka sail into three categories and three routes. Traditional build race is sailing up to the mark in front of Porto Baroö, FAMILY cruisers to the mark near Kostrena while REGATTA cruisers after the mark near Kostrena continues to sail to the mark in front of Omisalj ... and they all meat back at the finnish line in the port of Rijeka.

The divided into Divisions will be done according to the principle organizer of the material's hull and head sail (the use of composite material - Carbon, Kevlar, etc. .... in making the hull and head sail put boat in the RACE division). Distribution of the Divisions and the groups will not be ground for Protest or request for Redress by the Competitor

Cruisers, which are divided at the REGATTA cruisers or the crew decided to sail in that group, except in the OPEN mode races can sail in time compensated by IRC. To accomplish this feature competitors must have a valid IRC certificate and mark when registering to sail in the IRC.

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June 2013.

RijekaThursday, 13.6.2013. - 16.6.2013.

In addition to the traditional international race Fiumanka (June 15th), this year its fourth edition will have the Liburnia race, Rotary Race an Virtual Fiumanka. Press Fiumanka becomes a European Media Sailing Race and sail his first European edition. ALL EVENTS ARE COMPLETELY FREE FOR PARTICIPANTS AND VISITORS.

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June 2012.

RijekaThursday, 7.6.2012. - 10.6.2012.

FIUMANKA 2012 - In addition to the traditional international race Fiumanka (June 9th) and Press Fiumanka (8th - 9th of June), this year its third edition will have the Rotary Race (8th - 9th of June), Liburnia Race on the new course (7th and 8th of June) Mali Lošinj - Rijeka and Virtual Fiumanka (June 8th).

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May 2012.

RijekaThursday, 24.5.2012. - 26.5.2012.

AC MRC SPORT organizes 39th Croatia Rally 2012 which will be evaluated for the European Championship, and takes place 24-26.05.2012.

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April 2012.

RijekaSunday, 22.4.2012. 09:30 - 12:00

City of Rijeka in cooperation with the Novi list, Primorsko-Gorski Kotar County, Rijeka sports federation, "Community sports PGC" and Ri marathon, organizes on Sunday, 22nd April sixteenth traditional race of citizens called "Homo si tec." The race of citizens is empowered by international athletic race - 11th Rijeka marathon and races for children (dm Babybonus Cup) and for persons with disabilities (Hendi Cup).

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March 2012.

KANTRIDA SWIMMING POOL, RijekaSaturday, 10.3.2012. 18:00

Match of 4th round, 1B Croatian water polo league will be played on Saturday, 10.03.2012. at the pool Kantrida at 18:00 h
VK Opatija : VK Galeb (Makarska)

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January 2012.

KANTRIDA SWIMMING POOL, RijekaSaturday, 28.1.2012. 20:00

In the second round 1B Croatian Water Polo League, at the pool Kantrida in Rijeka play Water-polo Club Opatija 1981, and Delfin and from Rovinj. FREE ENTRY!

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Carolina Rijecka Wharf, RijekaSaturday, 28.1.2012. 13:00

Rijeka Nine Snowboard Club is organizing Snowboarding spectacle by the sea, known as the Carnival Snowboard Session. One-day event will be held on 28th January to Gath Carolina Rijeka. There will be some of the biggest stars in the current domestic and European snowboard scene.

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November 2011.

From the 20th November 2011. to 15 January 2012 at the Pier Carolina Riječka is open skating rink. For citizens are open periods from Monday to Friday from 16.00 to 22.00 h, and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10.00 to 22.00 h. As in previous years, the skates will be rented at a price of 10.00 HRK a one-hour use of the rink will cost 20.00 HRK. All-day ticket is 50.00 kuna, weekly 150, kn, weekend 80, 00 HRK, monthly 500.00 HRK, and there will be possibility of school skating for adults, in the period from 21.00 to 22.00 h, at a price of 60,00 kunas.

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