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June 2012.

The Open Air Summer Stage, OpatijaWednesday, 27.6.2012. 20:45 - 28.6.2012. 20:45

27th and 28 June - televised semi-finals of the UEFA EURO 2012.
Free admission

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The Open Air Summer Stage, OpatijaMonday, 18.6.2012. 20:45

UEFA EURO 2012 3rd football match CROATIA:SPAIN live.
Free entry

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The Open Air Summer Stage, OpatijaThursday, 14.6.2012. 18:00

From 18:00 we encourage Croatia's national football team in Poznan who play their second match against Italy at Euro.
Admission free

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The Open Air Summer Stage, OpatijaTuesday, 12.6.2012. - 30.8.2012.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12.06.12 on the open space of the Summer stage Opatija a summer exercise program:
06.30-07.30 PILATES
08.30-09.30 FITNESS LATINO ( zumba style )

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The Open Air Summer Stage, OpatijaSunday, 10.6.2012. 20:45 - 22:30

Starting at 20:45 in Poznan, Croatian national football team plays first game at the European Championship against representation of Ireland. This match, many are mapped as crucial for the eventual passage into the next phase of the competition. We invite all fans to join us in the lobby so that together we cheered 'Fiery' to the victory. FREE ENTRY

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May 2012.

OpatijaSaturday, 19.5.2012.

Opatija - Gorovo and Bocarija. Socializing with the competition and the traditional beans. Competing in the tug of war. Women in darts, and the men and women together in briscola and tresete, bowling and chess. The organizers and hosts: UABA of Opatija and UABA Liburnia (Matulji). Sponsors: PGC and Town of Opatija

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Slatina, OpatijaFriday, 11.5.2012. - 13.5.2012.

Extreme sports festival to be held in Opatija on the beach Slatina from 11 to 13.05.2012. In addition to sports it will be a rich music program. The event titled X Day presents an opportunity to enjoy 6 extreme sports: wingsuit, skydiving, snowboarding, BMX/MTB, underwater fishing and jet ski.

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April 2012.

Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta, OpatijaFriday, 6.4.2012. - 9.4.2012.

Traditional Alpe Adria bridge tournament will be held from 6 to 9 April in GH 4 opatijska cvijeta, Opatija.

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February 2012.

Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaFriday, 24.2.2012.

Opatija Fight Club organizes martial event Opatija Fight Night 4 on 24th of February in cooperation with the newly established Veni Vidi Vici Fights organization.

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OpatijaFriday, 17.2.2012. - 19.2.2012.

Carnival Cup 2012 - Traditional International Sailing Cup organized by Sailing Club Opatija this time will be held from 17 to 19 February 2012.

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