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June 2014.

The Open Air Summer Stage, OpatijaSaturday, 14.6.2014. 23:50

Brazil 2014
Italy - England
Football World Cup
Saturday, June 14, 2014 23:50 / Summer Stage, Opatija

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The Open Air Summer Stage, OpatijaFriday, 13.6.2014. 23:50

Brazil 2014
Chile - Australia
Football World Cup
Friday, 13th June 2014 23:50 / Summer Stage, Opatija

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The Open Air Summer Stage, OpatijaThursday, 12.6.2014. 21:50

Brazil - Croatia
TV Broadcast World Football Championship match
Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 21:50 / Open Air Theatre, Opatija

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RijekaThursday, 12.6.2014. - 15.6.2014.

In addition to the traditional international race Fiumanka (June 14th), next year its fifth edition will have the Liburnia race, Rotary Race an Virtual Fiumanka.

Like last year Fiumanka sail into three categories and three routes. Traditional build race is sailing up to the mark in front of Porto Baroö, FAMILY cruisers to the mark near Kostrena while REGATTA cruisers after the mark near Kostrena continues to sail to the mark in front of Omisalj ... and they all meat back at the finnish line in the port of Rijeka.

The divided into Divisions will be done according to the principle organizer of the material's hull and head sail (the use of composite material - Carbon, Kevlar, etc. .... in making the hull and head sail put boat in the RACE division). Distribution of the Divisions and the groups will not be ground for Protest or request for Redress by the Competitor

Cruisers, which are divided at the REGATTA cruisers or the crew decided to sail in that group, except in the OPEN mode races can sail in time compensated by IRC. To accomplish this feature competitors must have a valid IRC certificate and mark when registering to sail in the IRC.

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UčkaSunday, 1.6.2014.

Association for Promoting Healthy Life "Spiritus movens' from Opatija, under the auspices of Town Opatija organizes on Sunday, 01/06/2014, 7th Mom and baby Ucka marathon.

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May 2014.

OpatijaSaturday, 31.5.2014.

"Marathon for a Healthier Life" will be held on 31 May 2014, on World No Tobacco Day, from Volosko to the sports hall Marino Cvetkovic in Opatija. Registration of participants will be at 9:00 h at Pier Volosko, race start will be at 9:30 . Marathon is looking to promote healthy lifestyles.

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OpatijaTuesday, 27.5.2014. - 29.5.2014.

Slide 1Nikola Tesla EV Rally 2014 is a rally of electric vehicles, the international event with the highest prize money fund in the world. Rally will be held for the first time, in Croatia, from 27th till 31st of May 2014. The idea is that the rally is held every year on previously selected locations which amount to an average doistance of 150 km per day from the site starting to the target location, with accompanying program consisted of promotional activities through fun, and with the participation of sponsors, partners and environmentally-minded companies and individuals who will support the project by participating.

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The course of belly dance - dance studio L'ombelico begins May 9, 2014th at 21h in SD Marino Cvetkovic Opatija.

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OpatijaSaturday, 3.5.2014. 13:45

Come with your bike or you can get it on the spot (10 Pro Giant Bikes await) for a 30-km long tour along the coast:
Opatija - Lovran - Moscenicka Draga - Opatija with a 30-minute rest in Lovran.

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Opatija will host all events from FFC Futures series during of 2014. year, In addition to to get young and talented fighters from all over Europe, as many as 80 per each event, martial arts fans will have the opportunity to enjoy performances by some of the most famous names from the world. A total of 12 matches will be held in the evening part of the program, which will go live across the world, and a major MMA fight of the evening will be between Stipe Bekavac and Eddie Sanchez.

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