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December 2015.

Church of the Annunciation, OpatijaTuesday, 29.12.2015. 18:30

After the Mass, 29.12.2015. (Tuesday), in the Church of the Annunciation will be held Christmas Concert of female vocal group Volosko (Opatija) and Pinguentum (Buzet).

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OpatijaSunday, 20.12.2015. 20:00

Theatre - concert season will end with Christmas concert on December 20, starting at 8 pm at the Imperial Hotel, with Christmas repertoire. Stars popular actress from Zagreb City Theatre "Comedy" Renata Sabljak with her band. Ticket price: kn 110.00

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November 2015.

Villa Angiolina, OpatijaSaturday, 28.11.2015. 19:00

Promotion CD "On Volosko" female klapa Volosko

Musical guests, who are also guests on the album are: Dusko Jelicic - Dule, Oliver Jakovčev and Mihalj Ivkovic.

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OpatijaTuesday, 24.11.2015. - 27.11.2015.

24. 11. 2015.20:00 h, Villa Antonio,free entrance
Jazz Talk
Tamara Obrovac & Elvis Stanić- Istrian music, scale and jazz

25. 11. 2015.20:00 h, Villa Antonio, free entrance
Jazz Talk
Marko Ramljak - Dalmatia without klapa (a capella singing group), is it possible

26. 11. 2015.20:00 h, Villa Antonio, free entrance
Jazz Talk
Filip Novosel - Tambura in jazz

27. 11. 2015.21:00 h, Villa Angiolina, entrance 70,00 kn
11. Jazz ExTempore

Final concert - Tamara Obrovac - Marko Ramljak- Filip Novosel - Maasej Kovačević - Damjan Grbac - Tonči Grabušić - Elvis Stanić

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Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaSaturday, 7.11.2015. 20:00

The second night of RETROPATIJA festival will gather famous musicians of Croatian and regional music scene: Zorica Kondža, Gabi Novak, Danijela Martinovic, Ivo GianniGamulin, Maja Posavec, Nina Kraljić, Fosili, Marijan Ban, Teška industrija, Matija Dedic, Mirela Proselac Remi, Davor Gobac, Neno Belan and many others.

Tickets: 80.00 HRK

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Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaFriday, 6.11.2015. 20:00

RetrO Opatija Festival is a music event that takes place in early November at the famous Crystal Hall of the Kvarner Hotel.
On the first evening, which will take place on 6 November will be a tribute to composer and musician Ivo Robić, as part of the 15th anniversary of his death.
Robic songs in new arrangements will perform Marko Tolja, Jacques Houdek and Damir Kedžo.
The arrangement signed by Olja Dešić and Zvjezdan Ruzic, and with three vocalists, invaluable help was provided by Branimir Gazdik (drums), John Pešut (guitar), Oliver Eres (alto and tenor saxophones) Antonio Geček (trumpet), Marin Ferketin (trombones) and Dešić on bass and keyboards Ruzic. Bus was shot at Studio Marathon, study and study Bat $ DK.
Tickets: 80.00 HRK

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OpatijaThursday, 5.11.2015. - 8.11.2015.

The Music Tribune in Opatija presents recent works by Croatian composers of serious music. In addition to concerts of contemporary music, the festival also includes superb music performances in the field of jazz or chanson, as well as other musical genres at the crossroads between popular and serious music. A distinctive feature of this event, which is primarily aimed at a professional audience, are round table discussions and meetings discussing relevant issues regarding contemporary music.

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October 2015.

Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaSaturday, 24.10.2015. - 5.12.2015.

Festival Kvarner in one of Europe's most beautiful concert halls, enjoys an exclusive classical music program, while providing a unique experience and the experience of coexistence of music and sea.

Great success achieved by the organization of concerts of classical music of Europe's top orchestras and soloists ranking Vienna and Berlin Philharmonics, and other small but world-renowned orchestras. Festival Kvarner is categorized as one of the leading classical music festival in Croatia, and also on the world stage "The new international music festival that is positioning Abbey with World Class events ...", editor of the BBC Music Magazine, UK.


Festival Kvarner - PURPUR IN JEANS (tango, klezmer, Irish folk music)

Date: September 27, 2015 | 20:30 H

place: Hotel Kvarner | SALLE CRISTAL | Opatija

Performers: Orchestra Purpur


Festival Kvarner - FROM EAST TO WEST

Date: October 24, 2015 | 20:30 H

place: OPERETTA | Opatija

Artists Ensemble Purpur


Festival Kvarner - PURE SEX (TET)

Date: 21. November 2015 | 20:30 H

place: OPERETTA | Opatija

Artists Ensemble Allegro


Festival Kvarner - PURE CHOCOLATE

Date: 05th December 2015 | 20:30 H

place: OPERETTA | Opatija

Artist: Ensemble Schaefer

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Hotel Bristol, OpatijaFriday, 16.10.2015. 20:00

Slovenian composer and musician Vasko Atanasovski known for its variety of collaborations with world-renowned jazz, rock, classical and traditional musicians and the unique master access to all styles of music. His trio consists of a drummer, a percussionist and a virtuoso Marjan Stanic and academics guitarist Dejan Lapanja. The repertoire of the trio includes compositions from his various albums and compositions made in recent years, and in the cafe Palme come to give us a unique musical experience.

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Sports hall Marino Cvetkovic, OpatijaFriday, 16.10.2015. - 17.10.2015.

The Croatian festival of "klape" vocal groups and mandolins presents traditional vocal groups, which will perform their songs not only "a capella", but also accompanied by string instruments such as guitars and mandolins.

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