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June 2011.

Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaSaturday, 18.6.2011. 18:30

The final event of the Society "Our Children" Opatija will be held on Saturday, at the Congress Hall GH Adriatic, 18.06.2011. at 18:30 h. The program will lead children: Matea Kršanac, Antonia Škorić and Karlo Škorić.
Performing: Hummingbirds, Ballet Studio ˝AKVAREL˝ DND Opatija, DRAMA WORKSHOP ˝ZVJEZDICE˝ DND Opatija, Contemporary Dance Studio ˝D'ORI˝ DND Opatija. FINAL EXHIBITION ART WORKSHOP "GRAD" DND Opatija.

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April 2011.

Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaSunday, 17.4.2011. 12:00

Children play named "Small green caterpillar" performed by The Doll Factory; by director Tea Gjergjizi-Agejev, staring Luka Petrušić and Hrvoje Zalar.

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Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaWednesday, 6.4.2011. 20:00

"Kvarner Support" to workers of Kamensko by workers in culture: Neda Božić, Edita Karađole, Jelena Lopatić, Tanja Smoje,Silivija Đolonga, Andreja Blagojević, Goranka Tuhtan, Ana Drazul, Ivana Kalc. Directed by Lenka Udovički and dramaturgical collaboration of Nataša Govedić, Kamensko interwoves its threads with Kvarner.

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March 2011.

Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaSunday, 20.3.2011. 12:00

The Puppet Factory, Zagreb
Text co-authors (according to H. C. Andersen): Petra Radin and Anica Tomić
Director: Anica Tomić
Cast: Petra Radin, Mario Kovač
This play in interesting way underscores that every creature on this planet, even the smallest one has its own world that is equally important as everyone else’s. One tiny little pea grain is going to change world’s history. How is that? Join us, so we can find out together! Age: 3+

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Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaSaturday, 12.3.2011. 20:00

Drama by Joanna Murray-Smith about marital infidelity. INK production.
HONOR, beautiful, elegant woman of the sixties Mirela BREKALO-POPOVIC
GEORGE, Honorine husband. Attractive, young man of the sixties, Zoran GOGIĆ
Sophia, their 24-year-old daughter, Lana GOJAK
Claudia, a striking young woman in her thirties, Helena Minic

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Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaSunday, 6.3.2011. 12:00

Dressed as parachutists, performers act from a perspective of those already aware of human flying abilities or, metaphorically speaking, the ability to overcome difficulties and face a life containing injuries and hardships, but also friends who are ready to pull us out of trouble... Directed by Ivica Šimić.
Performed by
Larisa Lipovac / Kristina Bajza Marčinko
Damir Klemenić / Tomislav Krstanović

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February 2011.

Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaSaturday, 19.2.2011. 20:00

Miro Gavran's play PANDORA'S LITTLE BOX by Theater GAVRAN
The director is Robert Raponja, scene and costumes by Jasmina Pacek, with Željko Duvnjak, Ivica Jončić and Mladena Gavran as leading roles.

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Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaSunday, 6.2.2011. 12:00

Childern's play by Maritgen Matter
Cast: Dražen Čuček i Srđana Šimunović
Starving Wolf ventures out into the snowy worldinsearch of food. He finds naive and cheerful Sheep, who goes on a walk with Wolf. Will Wolf be able to eat Sheep?

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January 2011.

Hotel Bristol, OpatijaSunday, 30.1.2011. 11:00 - 27.3.2011. 11:00

Do not miss the Children's Sunday at the Cafe Palme - Hotel Bristol, Opatija.
30th January - A trip to a fantasy world with a clown Tedi
06th February - Magical masks hat, magician's performance
13th February - Thinking of Valentine's Day - love masks, DND
20th February - Play and mask, art workshops and
Children's Carnival make-up
27th February - Animal Kingdom through Balloon of clown Tedi
Participate in the contest and bring Mom and Dad to Disneyland!

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Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaSaturday, 22.1.2011. 20:00

Black comedy by Borivoj Radakovic
KNAP theatre Zagreb
Director: Petar Vecek
Cast: Goran Grgic, Vilim Matula, Ranko Zidaric, Petra Dugandzic

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