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March 2005.

Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaFriday, 11.3.2005. 20:00

Performed by: Hasija Boric

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February 2005.

Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaFriday, 25.2.2005. 20:00

Theatre: MALA SCENA - Yasmina Reza “ LIFET x 3”

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Grand Hotel Adriatic, OpatijaFriday, 18.2.2005. 20:00

Directed by: Georgij Paro

Arijana Čulina is a renowned author of best-selling books and well-received comedies, interpreting her own monologues painted with a vivid and lively humour. Arijana Čulina writes – in the wake of Miljenko Smoje – in the language of urban Split. She uses the street slang, so her characters appear fresh and authentic. Such are her dramatic situations – frames from life which seem to be picked at random, lacking a continued plot, but linked with clearly marked inner ties. It is a world-view unity whose complete and appropriate stage expression is yet to be discovered.

We are pleased to invite the audience to take part, together with actors and the author, in an adventure of creating this performance.

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