Tribute to Frank Sinatra - Lucio Gallo

Tribute to Frank Sinatra - Lucio Gallo

Freitag, 22.7.2016.
The Open Air Summer Theater, Opatija

In the concert simply titled „Tribute to Frank Sinatra“ he will be accompanied by the famous Italian jazz musician Claudio Chiara and his quintet of superb musicians, including, next to himself: Alessandro Maiorino, Alessandro Minetoo, Fabio Golier and Fulvio Chiara.

Lucio Gallo has started singing since his early childhood days; he liked jazz and swing and hated the opera. And it is precisely for this reason that he sang Sinatra's hit “New York, New York” at the audition for the conservatory in Turin! A young boy who disliked the opera has in the end become one of the most famous opera baritones in the world.

Fly me to the moon, The Way You Look Tonight, My Way, The Lady is a Tramp are just few of the hits that you will be listening to at this concert, and they were composed in the period between 1963 and 1960 - the period of Sinatra's greatest artistic achievements and the most profound cultural impact.

It is with this concert that Lucio Gallo pays his tribute to „the greatest singer in the history of American music“, who succeeded in elevating popular music to an artistic level!

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