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März 2012.

OpatijaFreitag, 30.3.2012. - 1.4.2012.

Coffee Festival turns Opatija in place of scents and flavors of coffee and sweets made especially for the occasion. Hotels, restaurants and cafes of Opatija compete in diverse offer, at special prices. Enjoy!

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Februar 2012.

Hotel Bristol, OpatijaFreitag, 10.2.2012. - 12.2.2012.

Festival "Tango con las Estrellas" with the famous stars of the Tango scene again in Opatija!

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Hotel Imperial, OpatijaSamstag, 4.2.2012.

We invite you to Liburnia Salsa Festival on Saturday 4th February at the Hotel Imperial in Opatija! From 11 to 17:20 will be held "FREE DANCE WORKSHOPS" for beginners and advanced dancers.

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Dezember 2011.

Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaSamstag, 17.12.2011.

Opening of Winter Lights Festival Opatija
Crystal Ballroom of Hotel Kvarner
Volker Bertelman - Hauschka, piano (Germany) 19:00 -
DJ & VJ meeting
NITE A / V Live: John Liik and DJ Felippe: Masha Era and DJ Shapovalov: Messmatik: Smetnjak Team: VJ Marocco & Mr. Brodsky: DJ Chayanov: Vezmoslav and Pero Despero

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November 2011.

OpatijaFreitag, 4.11.2011. - 5.11.2011.

Book Friends Days
Rijeka - Opatija (04 - 05.11. 2011.)

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September 2011.

OpatijaDonnerstag, 1.9.2011. - 4.9.2011.

The festival will be held at numerous locations in and around Opatija, Croatia from the 1st to 4th of September, 2011. The expecting participation is from approximately 200 domestic and 400 foreign dancers. Organizer: Tango Scene Rijeka

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Juni 2011.

The Open Air Summer Theater, OpatijaMontag, 27.6.2011. 21:30

Genre: musical
Director: Steve Antin
Writer: Steve Antin
Stars: Cher, Christina Aguillera, Alan Cumming
Duration: 119 minutes
Motion picture projected with original audio followed by Croatian subtitles

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Slatina, OpatijaSamstag, 25.6.2011. 21:00 - 26.6.2011. 01:00

Opatija will for the second time host the Fireworks Festival . On Saturday, 25th of June, the sky above Opatija will again witness the spectacular creations of top Croatian fireworks designers .This year the audience will in just one evening be able to enjoy four spectacular fireworks, which will be launched at intervals of thirty minutes, from pontoons located on the sea infront Opatija Slatina. Audiences will be able to enjoy catering services and the entertainment program which will begin at 21:00 with the band Lady Luna.

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Hafen Opatija, OpatijaFreitag, 17.6.2011. 23:00 - 19.6.2011. 06:00

PORT FESTIVAL OPATIJA - on 17th and 18th of June presents several eminent and world renowned artists:
Friday, 17th of June:
Francesco Diaz, Terri B, Ivan Mastermix, Joe 2 Shine
Saturday, 18th of June:
D.o.n.s, Eric Navarro, Spinne, Lari Picco
Do not miss one of the largest mega Open Air shows in the region!

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April 2011.

Slatina, OpatijaDonnerstag, 28.4.2011. 09:00 - 1.5.2011. 19:00

Exhibitors, flowers and horticultural cultivators, will gather at the Flower Festival Opatija 2010 which will be held on Slatina from Thursday, 28th April to Sunday, 1st of May.

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