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Juli 2014.

Hotel Continental, OpatijaMittwoch, 16.7.2014. 21:00

Hotel "Continental" | 16.07.2014. 21:00
M-course with the Institute for Waldorf Education from Witten Annen, after a tour of Germany and Switzerland, are coming to Croatia. Ten euritmistics performers from Europe, Asia and South America plan donate eurhythmics performances for children and adults.

Eurhythmy is the art of expressing movement and gestures and movements are trying to express sound and speech through body movements.

Amelie Ebke, Barbara Friedrike Witte, Carla Mörmann, Eva-Maria Pohl, Hyun Shin, Johanna Katharina-Larrass, Katharina Maria Schäfer, Katharina Isabelle Wilkmann, Paula Andrea Moreno Valencia, María del Valle Mel

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OpatijaFreitag, 11.7.2014. 17:00

On Friday, 11/07/2014. starts new project of Croatian Museum of Tourism, "In the attic with the author."
The attic area of Swiss house, every Friday at five, ie at 17h one author will spend an hour painting, playing music, writing or doing what already works, and the audience is invited to observe, meet and talk.

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Juni 2014.

OpatijaSamstag, 28.6.2014.

Rab crossbowmen will demonstrate their skills: 19:00 Opatija harbor and Slatina, 20:00 h.

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Park Angiolina, OpatijaDienstag, 24.6.2014. 16:30 - 21:30

Do you believe in fairies? Do you believe in magic? If you still aren't sure that these delicate, magical, fairytale beings are real, come to Opatija to be convinced that they're all around us.
Celebrate with us this utterly important and significant day and revel in joy, play, song and dancing like only fairies do.
International fairy day is celebrated every year, on 24. of June, and it celebrates everything that is fairylike, magical and wonderful.
Opatija will this year become a part of this international community which gives an opportunity to all the children and all the fairytale and fantasy enthusiasts to celebrate this day with us.
Characteristic urban landscape symbol - the widely known park Angiolina - on this day becomes an enchanted canvas for celebrating fairy tales, legends and myths.
The program is free for all the visitors, thanks to the sponsorship of the City of Opatija
Clap, close your eyes and shout: "I do believe in fairies, I do, I do, I do!!!"

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Strand Tomasevac , OpatijaFreitag, 20.6.2014. 20:00

The traditional feast organized by the local committee Belvedere and coffee bar Del Mar will be held on Friday, June 20 on the beach Tomaševac. Season of socializing "the meter from the sea" will open Koktelsi, a start is scheduled for 20 o'clock.

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Mai 2014.

OpatijaSamstag, 10.5.2014.

CLEANING CONTINUES! Location and time - ex Milde Sorte, 9 am until there is a will.

The date is May 10, and the name of the action this time BLUE CLEANING.
10 and 11.5. is cleaned the entire Mediterranean under the name Let's Do It Mediterranean

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Villa Angiolina, OpatijaMittwoch, 7.5.2014. 12:00

Promotion of the monography Primorje-Gorski Kotar County from the air, the release of Rijeka Adamic, will be held on Wednesday, 7th of May at 12 h in Opatija, Villa Angiolina

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April 2014.

OpatijaMontag, 21.4.2014.

10:00 to 13:00 The exhibition of classic cars on Easter Monday, in front of Hotel Milenij
Oldtimers - The oldest date from the first half of the last century, will be presented to the public at the traditional exhibition of classic cars on Easter Monday. This event causes great attention of visitors and passers-by, who have the opportunity to take the tour with luxury cars that despite their many decades long lifespan, thanks to the efforts of their owners, still look like new.

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OpatijaSonntag, 20.4.2014. - 21.4.2014.

20.04. OSTERKONZERT, Terrasse Hotel Imperial, 12,00 Uhr

OLDTIMER-FAHRZEUGE AUSSTELLUNG, vor dem Hotel Milenij 10,00 – 13,00 Uhr
KONZERT KLAPA NEVERA, Hafen Portić, 11,00 – 13,00 Uhr

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OpatijaFreitag, 11.4.2014. 20:30

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