33rd Balinjerada

33rd Balinjerada

Sonntag, 31.1.2016.

For the last thirty three years, this exciting race of self-made vehicles that run on ball-bearings (known locally as "balinjere" – hence the name) instead of wheels, down Opatija's main street, to the delight of thousands of spectators, has always been the original attraction of the carnival in Opatija. The Balinjerada is partly a race in which the "pilots" of these unusual homemade vehicles must show their driving skills, and partly a carnival parade, in which carnival groups make ironic comments on current events in society with their imaginative constructions, in which they have invested months of effort.

M. Tita Street | 31.01.2015. 10:00 training, 12:00 start of races

13:00 h Kukalka

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